No Shits O’Clock

The typical workday at Mortimer Snodgrass is long and arduous. Churning out brilliance and selling gifts to the masses is exhausting. Who can realistically be expected to keep their brains functioning at full capacity for more than 8 hours? Certainly not I! Once 5:48 pm rolls around we can no longer be expected to give any shits. Any and all shits must be deferred to the next business day.¬†

How to fold a t-shirt

Of course Dee’s Bizarre Bazaar carries templates for folding t-shirts. Even better, they’re free! (Because they are pieces of cardboard taken out of our recycling pile/Why would anyone spend money on this?)

(Image via Life Hacker)

Oh my! This is a thing that must certainly be dedicated to snodV!

Oh my! This is a thing that must certainly be dedicated to snodV!

(via magicalnaturetour)

Sloth Love

The cuteness of the sloth, my spirit animal, is too much to handle. Please adopt one HERE.

A Missing Gem

"The ONE thing this store is missing is…." Drum roll please… "Dolls with kilts!" -Mortimer Snodgrass custy

Yes, that is exactly what comes to mind.

Which is why we specialize in creepy-faced dolls in kilts at Dee’s Bizarre Bazaar!

Image from Vintage Scottish etsy shop. (Your dolls are lovely. And yes, they may possess my soul.)

Dirty Sanchez

This adorable little plushie is Dirty Sanchez. You can thank me later for adding to the non-pornographic search results of this phrase.

Not recommended for overly sensitive significant-others. 

Image courtesy of Sanchez & Friends

Purchase from Mortimer Snodgrass



Not the lesbian sex act which you can learn more about here

Gama-Go corkscrew available from Mortimer Snodgrass here

Mustard Marvin

After months of hard work attempting to force Black Lab Products to ship us some damn product, we can once again make mustard fun by turning it into vomit!

Check out Marvin and his condiment again on the shelves at Mortimer Snodgrass or by clicking HERE!